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Geo Data Viewer

🗺️ Geo Data Analytics tool for VSCode with to gen. some snazzy 🗺️s w/0 Py 🐍 || pyWidgets ⚙️ || pandas 🐼 || @reactjs ⚛️ required ...

✅ Powerful data editing on GUI
✅ Preview and import open-sourced maps available on
✅ View CSV and JSON data (not geodata) in grid charts

A quick, simple tool for creating, viewing, and sharing spatial data.

✅ Edit properties while seeing how it is displayed in the map.
❎ Merge polygons,

React Simple Map

Create beautiful SVG maps in react with d3-geo and topojson using a declarative api.

✅ Preset visualizations (anotation, marker, choropleth map)

Vue SVG Map

A set of Vue.js components to display an interactive SVG map.

✅ Bare minimum (polygons behave like radio-button / checkboxes), highly customizable
❎ Compatible with svg-maps or your own map


An extension of GeoJSON that encodes topology! 🌐

✅ Simplify, or manipulate topojson (merge, transform, calculate bounding box, ...)


Awesome interactive globes for the web

Create interactive globes
❎ Not maintained in this four years

Analytics Tool is a powerful open source geospatial analysis tool for large-scale data sets. is a WebGL-powered framework for visual exploratory data analysis of large datasets.



A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System


Mapbox Studio is like Photoshop, for maps.


Easily create stunning interactive maps with Flourish, the platform for data visualization and storytelling


Make your location data come to life. See complex trends and patterns by creating intuitive visualizations.

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